iHerb promo code

Are you looking for an iHerb promo code to save on your purchases? Look no further, because you’ll find the best iHerb promo codes relevant for January 2023 on our website!

iherb promo code

iHerb promo codes are a great way to get a discount on the products you need. Whether you’re shopping for vitamins, supplements, cosmetics, groceries, or health products, we’ll give you a code that will help you cut their price by 10, 20, or even 30%! In addition to all this, we will tell you information about current discounts, sales and special offers.

iHerb promo codes for January 2023

Promo codeDiscountValid for
10% for the first order
For new buyers.
Works with other promo codes
Applies to all items
Expires 31.01.2023
10%For all buyers
Order of $60 and up
Applies to all items
Expires 31.01.2023
20%For first order
30%10% off regular order
30% off iHerb Brands
Expires 31.12.2023 20%For sports supplements from Force Factor

To use a promo code, click the “Open Code” button in the table, and the code will be automatically copied. Then paste the code into the shopping cart on the iHerb site.

iHerb code for first order

The iHerb promo code for first order is DMU6301. It gives a 10% discount for new customers. The code has no expiration date and is valid for orders of any amount.

In January 2023, you can also use iHerb promo code for new customers – NEW20. This code is even more advantageous as it gives you a discount of up to 20%!

iHerb promo code for first order

To apply these codes, you need to register on the official website of iHerb. After registration, you can start saving from the first purchase.

You can enter these codes one at a time on your first order to choose the one that will give you the most benefit.

iHerb promo code for existing customers

iHerb promo code for existing customers is GOLD60. Use this code and get 10% off your second and next orders. Your order must be $60 or more to apply the coupon to your cart.

iHerb promo code for free shipping

iHerb promo code for free shipping

You don’t need to enter a promo code to get free shipping. In January, iHerb is offering the opportunity to get free shipping to the U.S., Europe, Israel and many other countries. The threshold for free shipping varies. It depends on the location. So, for example, for America you only need to order for $20. And for other countries, such an opportunity is open under the condition of ordering goods worth $ 60 and above. For orders for a smaller amount, delivery remains a fee. iHerb offers different ways of delivery for each country, so choose the most convenient for you, for example, courier delivery. Delivery time is also different, so in Germany the parcel can come in 5 days, and in Ukraine it may take 2 weeks.

iHerb referral promo code

The iHerb referral promo code is DMU6301. This code gives 10% off your first order and 5% off your regular order. And the price is reduced regardless of the cost of the cart. You can buy just one product and still get a discount on it. That is why this coupon is very popular, because the usual promo codes reduce the price only if you order a certain amount, for example $60, and this one works even if you order goods worth $5.

iHerb Discounts

iHerb discounts in January 2023 will help you get the most out of your purchases. Thanks to discounts, this month is the perfect time to stock up on your favorite products from iHerb.

For example, you can buy vitamins and other products for as little as $1.They are in the samplers category. Usually we’re used to samplers being products for one or two uses. But on iHerb, you can buy a product that will last you as long as two months! And we also recommend that you buy a product for $1 and then write a review on it and then iHerb will refund you for it. That way you can buy vitamins and supplements for free!

Just look at the great discounts on these products:

iherb code for vitamins

80% off vitamin c from California Gold Nutrition

iherb Discounts for probiotic

Probiotics with 67% discount

iHerb Discounts

Get 80% off buffered vitamin C

Also don’t forget to check out the Super Price section. This category sells items with discounts of up to 70%. There you will find a variety of vitamins, pills, cosmetics, food, baby and pet products at great prices. And don’t forget that iHerb gives even more discounts on holidays, so we advise you to place your orders exactly on these days to buy at the lowest cost.

Secret ways to save more on iHerb

Shopping on iHerb can be expensive, even with promo codes. Fortunately, you can save money on iHerb with a few secret tricks.

  • The first and easiest way is to take advantage of combo discounts. Almost all of the products on the site come bundled with others. That is, if you buy two products, you get an additional discount. That way, you can save up to $10. In addition, many products on iHerb are sold in kits or packages. This is more true of cosmetics kits, especially Korean cosmetics. To find kits, type “kits” into a search on the iHerb site and order with more savings.
  • Another way to do this is through autodelivery. Autodelivery is a subscription to a specific product. So, for example, if you’re constantly taking certain medications, this method will work great for you. Its essence is that you won’t need to order the necessary goods all the time – just buy them by subscription, and they will be delivered to you at the frequency you indicate. It can be delivered every month, every two months or every six months. In addition, with auto-delivery, you will reduce the price of the product by 5%. But this method has a drawback – iHerb promo codes only apply to the first purchase of a given product. After that, an iHerb promo code won’t count, but shipping will be free!

Don’t forget to check out our site as new codes are added daily. With so many discounts, promo codes and special offers, you won’t have to worry about paying full price for items. So don’t wait and start saving today!

Questions & Answers about iHerb

Where can I get an iHerb promo code?

You can get iHerb promo code on our website in the table of current promo codes.

Where can I get iHerb coupons?

All the latest coupons, as well as promo codes, you will find on our website. Only here you can take advantage of exclusive and unique iHerb coupons.

How do I enter a promo code on iHerb?

To enter a promo code, you need to go to your shopping cart. There will be information about your order on the right, with a space to enter the code. Enter the promo code and click apply.

How to get a discount on the iHerb website?

To get a discount, you need to enter a promotional code in a special line when placing an order on the iHerb website.

What is the iHerb free shipping code?

Order $60 or more and pay no shipping fees. If you do want to place a small order, then the free shipping iherb code is DMU6301. It can cover shipping costs.

What discounts are available in January 2023?

In January 2023 you can buy products from a hundred popular brands at a 25% discount on iHerb.

How long does it take for iHerb to ship?

Shipping time depends on the country you’re ordering to. Below are approximate delivery times for different iHerb destinations:
US – 2-5 days;
Canada – 3-6 days;
Singapore – 7 days;
Poland – 7 days;
Germany – 7 days;
Brazil – 7-10 days;
Australia – 7-10 days;
Georgia – 7-10 days;
Taiwan – 10 days;
Ukraine – 10-15 days;
Israel – 10-14 days;
Kazakhstan – 14 days.

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  1. Loretta

    Thanks for the iherb promotion code. I saved almost half the cost of my order. Too bad I didn’t know about the codes before. It turns out I could have paid less.

  2. Sara

    I have been ordering vitamins from this website for many years. I always use the iherb discount code. In Sweden, the order arrives in a week. But to a friend in the UK it took 4 days. I would have liked faster delivery. Ideally within a couple of days. Because sometimes I need vitamins urgently.

  3. Amanda

    I bought baby laundry detergent from the iherb sale code. It turned out cheaper than in regular stores. Delivered to the USA in two days. so I like to order everything for washing, everything here is hypoallergenic and safe for health

  4. Elmer Cox

    I have been having problems with my women’s cycle lately. I could not get my period. Doctors told me to take hormonal pills. But I had a bad experience with them. So I went to a nutritionist. She prescribed me evening primrose oil. I bought it online using iherb coupon first order. After a month and a half, I was fine. This oil is a magic remedy for women. I advise anyone who has the same problems as me!

  5. Talara

    I started having problems with my skin. There were a lot of pimples. The doctor said that I have problems with hormones. Therefore, he appointed me dietary supplements from the iHerb website. There are unique complexes that should help me with this problem. At first I thought that the pills would be very expensive, but after I entered the iherb discount code, the price of the order dropped significantly. I hope the treatment will help me and my acne will go away soon.

  6. Vanessa

    I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. The good thing is that it is small and can be removed with pills. Because I was afraid to have an operation. I had a good doctor who prescribed many supplements, such as DIM. It’s essentially brocolli. It helped me to get rid of the cyst. So now I will always order and apply iherb coupons for returning customers

  7. Zara

    I am constipated. All my life I thought going to the toilet once a week was normal. But then I noticed the innocence and imperfections on my face. And I started to feel bad, my head started to hurt. I went to the doctor and he told me that my bile flow was disturbed and because of this my digestion was wrong. A normal healthy person should go to the toilet once a day. It is mandatory. The doctor prescribed bile supplements and vitamins to detoxify the liver, as I was intoxicated. It wasn’t as expensive as I had imagined. I was also prescribed magnesium. I wanted to buy it from a regular pharmacy in Germany, but they didn’t have the form I wanted, namely magnesium citrate or bisciglinate. There was only magnesium oxide, but it was not easily absorbed. All the supplements helped me. My digestion got better and my acne went away. I think this is a result of all the vitamins from iHerb.

  8. Faith

    iherb promo code existing customers gave me 20% off. I very often order from the USA to Israel. Parcels are delivered quickly. The expiry dates are always good. I advise everyone to take omega 3. It is amazing for high cholesterol. Also Red Yeast Rice. Good thing I didn’t take the statins my doctor prescribed. They are very bad for my health. I was able to lower my cholesterol with supplements and I feel good now.

  9. Amy

    I needed sunflower lecithin. But in our pharmacies there was only soy lecithin. It is undesirable to drink it, as it raises the level of estrogen. I ordered here, also applied iherb discount code canada, with which it turned out cheaper to buy. After a month of taking it I can write a positive review. I had lecinin from Now. My bile became more liquid and started to come out of my gallbladder perfectly. Now I am not bothered by pain.

  10. Lucy

    I am from Hungary and have been looking for iherb promo code hk for a long time. Thanks to your website, all the codes worked. Now I will wait for my order, they say to wait 2 weeks, but I hope they will deliver sooner.

  11. Latoya

    I carefully take care of my skin and buy only the best Korean cosmetics. With iherb 20 discount code I get a much better deal. I would order from Korea, but their shipping is expensive, but on iherb it’s free.

  12. Tammy Figueroa

    Everyone I know in the United Kingdom has ordered items without iherb promocodes. But I told them about the offers and they were happy to save money. Now they will buy at a discount

  13. Nia

    There is a substance called mumijo. You can order it from America. It helps me a lot for my stomach, skin, all my health. It is a fantastic drug that I recommend to everyone. It is inexpensive, especially if you apply iherb promo code korea.

  14. Cameron

    I ordered in Dubai and applied the promotion code iherb. I bought enzymes, my stomach is having trouble digesting food. The only pills that help me are from this site. So I buy a lot at once.

  15. Alicia

    I take vitamins every day to keep me healthy. I order them from the United States. I always use iherb promo code Australia. Delivery is long enough. But it does not bother me. The quality of products is very high, so I can wait

  16. Rihana

    First order iherb code DMU6301 gives 10% off. But I added promotional items to the cart and it gave an even greater discount)

  17. Nina

    I have a stomach ache, I read on the Internet that I need to take pills to restore the walls of the intestines. I bought probiotics. With iherb new member discount I managed to save money. Delivery to Philippines took a week and a half. I hope the pills help me

  18. Isabella

    I used to always use iherb promo code free shipping. But now I’ve seen that shipping from $60 and up is free. It’s very convenient. So I used another code, thereby saving even more

  19. Sara

    Thank you! I found your promo code iherb Singapore and saved a lot of money! It is very profitable! Now next time I will buy not only vitamins but also cosmetics, which by the way is cheap!

  20. Suzanne

    Iherb india coupon code worked! I finally found a good discount. Because everywhere else gave 5 percent and you have twice as much. Can you tell me the rules of customs? I just want to buy two $150 parcels. Will I have to pay extra when I get my order?

  21. Maria

    I am a beginner, so I searched on the Internet how to save money on the purchase. iherb promo code Switzerland gave me a huge discount! I hope the order comes to me quickly, I read that many people get it in a week

  22. Akemi

    In general, in my country no one told me that there are some ways to apply a discount. but your site I found iherb promo code japan 2023. And it worked! Thank you! I bought a lot of vitamins, we also have a lot of them in stores, but the prices are much lower if you order from the states.

  23. Lucia Jones

    Promo codes helped me save my money. I can buy all the dietary supplements in ordinary pharmacies, but there are high prices and there are no discounts. Moreover, I no longer like to buy offline. I buy everything online, even clothes and groceries. I try not to go to shops. Some online stores have free shipping, so I don’t see any reason to waste my energy on shopping malls.

  24. Allison

    I think iherb 2023 promo codes have become even more profitable this year. I haven’t noticed such big discounts before. Many people don’t even realise that they can pay less. Good thing my friend told me about different coupons. Now I can buy cheaper.

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