iHerb promo code for May 2022

iHerb is a very popular online store. A while ago, it was not as well-known, but now the number of active buyers is increasing every day. There is a lot of information on the internet on how to register on the iHerb portal, use the bonus program, as well as participate in promotions and activate the iHerb promo code. New customers, though, sometimes find it hard to navigate this system. Fortunately, you need to figure it out once and then you will be able to make regular purchases of quality goods from iHerb with maximum savings. May 2022 is full of special promotions and offers. For example, using the DMU6301 promo code, you can get a maximum discount.

iHerb promo code for May 2022

There are many promotions on iHerb. Thus, you should always stay up-to-date on the new offers presented on the official website of the company. After all, special offers are time-limited, so do not miss an opportunity to save. Many items can be purchased this way at very competitive prices.

Table of iHerb promo codes active for May 2022

Promo codeExpiration dateDiscountValid for
DMU6301No expiration dateTOP CODE
5% off the regular order
$5 for the first order
All buyers
Works with other promo codes
Applies to all items
22NEWMay 3122%New buyers
Applies to all items
Works with
DMU6301 code
VALUE60May 3110%All buyers
Order of $60 and up
Applies to all items
15$May 3115$On order from 150$
Valid for orders to the following countries:
United Kingdom
40ULTAMay 3120%Ultamins brand products
TWININGSMay 3120%TWININGS brand products
AGELESSMay 3115%Ageless Foundation Laboratories brand products
THORNE20May 3120%Thorne Research brand products
20BODYBIOJune 3020%BodyBio brand products
LATOUR15December 3120%La Tourangelle brand products

Items with a 67% discount in May

67% discount on California Gold Nutrition probiotics

Get an 83% discount on Immune system support by California Gold Nutrition

75% discount on lip balm by Sierra Bees

May iHerb promo code for first purchase

New customers can always count on iHerb promo codes. After registering on the website, you can start saving with the first purchase. The May code for new customers is DMU6301.

iherb first order

The order amount determines what offers you will see on the official website. At the same time, no matter how much you order, you can choose a code that will allow you to purchase goods at a cheaper price. However, there are types of promotional codes that consistently give an opportunity to save money regardless of the order amount. For example, code DMU6301 for referrals.

What are other ways to save money in May?

new iherb

You can buy products from the new arrivals section on iHerb. They have a 10% discount.

In addition to the bonus for new customers, https www iHerb.com has many other promotions and offers. There are plenty of coupons and promotions codes in May 2022 that can be used on almost every order. Besides offers for new customers, there are also promotions for loyal iHerb customers. A variety of loyalty programs will please every customer. You will not find such an abundance of bonuses in any other online store.

iHerb promo code for bulk discounts

Below, you will find iHerb promo codes that give attractive savings and apply to all products in the shopping cart:

  • VALUE60. You will get a 10% if you order items from iHerb for a value of $60 or more.
codes iherb

Referrals can use a unique opportunity to activate an iHerb promo code for referrals. The May referral program code is DMU6301. This promo code can be used not only on the first order but also on subsequent ones. A big plus is that this discount can be used along with other offers. Another advantage of the referral promo code is that it has higher discounts on some products.

iHerb is a very popular online store. A while ago, it was not as well-known, but now the number of active buyers is increasing every day. There is a lot of information on the internet on how to register on the iHerb portal, use the bonus program, as well as participate in promotions and activate the iHerb coupon. New customers, though, sometimes find it hard to navigate this system. Fortunately, you need to figure it out once and then you will be able to make regular purchases of quality goods from iHerb with maximum savings. May 2022 is full of special promotions and offers. Using the DMU6301 promo code, for instance, you can get a 5% discount.

iHerb promo code for mobile devices

The iHerb app has recently been gaining more popularity among users. You can place an order in just a few clicks. It is available in Google Play and App Store. To have access to up-to-date information, you should regularly update the application.

Some promotional codes can be used only in a mobile app. Although there are no such proposals in May, the brand intends to introduce them regularly in the near future.

iHerb promo codes with no expiration date

On the official website, some brands have active coupons almost all the time. When choosing these items, you can always apply your promo code, which will lower the purchase price.

Sports nutrition coupons and discounts

iHerb regularly reduces the cost of sports nutrition. Even without applying a promo code, you can find products in this category at an affordable price. Sports nutrition from popular brands is sold with a 15 to 20% discount in May.

20% discount on branded goods

  • THORNE20  The iHerb promo code allows you to purchase items from Thorne Research at a discounted price. Most of the products are complex supplements with multiple high-quality vitamins. The Thorne brand is a time-tested brand that has earned the trust of thousands of customers.
thorne iherb
  • NTA15 This code is used when purchasing sports nutrition from the Nature’s Answer brand. Premium products are available at an incredibly low price. The manufacturer is famous for using the latest technologies in the development of its products. The company is always up to date with the latest scientific research and actively applies this knowledge. That is why this brand not only occupies a leading position but also received many prizes and awards for its products.
iherb promo
  • 20BODYBIO Manufacturer BodyBio makes supplements that restore the body at the cellular level. The most popular supplements from the brand focus on improving gut health, immune system, brain, mind, mood, and cognition.
promo iherb
  • LATOUR15 The La Tourangelle brand produces very high-quality oils and dressings for cooking. Avocado oil, grape seed oil, and garlic oil not only improve the taste of cooked dishes but also have a positive effect on human health.
iherb oil

Throughout the month of May, you can purchase branded sports nutrition at discounted prices. If the buyer places an order for the first time, then an additional 10% will be added to the 20% discount using the promo code DMU6301 for new users. Thus, you can buy quality products from global sports nutrition manufacturers for only two-thirds of the real price.

Samples with a 60% discount

Before purchasing a particular product, you can take advantage of a special offer and buy a sample of the product. This way, you can get a 60% off sample item. However, there can be only one such product in the shopping cart. Even if you do not use any codes, you can still save a lot with this offer.

Additional bonuses

  • Limited offer based on the number of goods. When ordering two or more items, a 5% discount is provided.
  • Combo. When ordering a product and related items offered along with it, a discount is given. The discount amount is different, but can be seen when placing an order in the shopping cart. The company offers combinations of goods on very favorable terms.

In May, you can see the following combo offers in your shopping cart:

  • When buying products from the “Beauty” category, their cost can be reduced by $3 if you also purchase LactoBif probiotics from the CGN manufacturer.
  • A 10% discount applies to products in the Beauty category if purchased along with the Azelique Anti-Aging Collagen Serum.
combo iherb

By tracking iHerb coupons and promotions, you can save and stretch your budget and still use branded products from global manufacturers.

iHerb Own Brand Products: What to buy and how to save along the way

iHerb not only sells products from world-famous manufacturers, but the online store also has the company’s own-brand products. They are very popular, as their cost is lower than the prices for similar products of famous brands in other places. At the same time, the quality remains at the highest level.

Buying items from iHerb brands can allow you to save even more – just use the iHerb promo code DMU6301 and other ways to save money mentioned in the article.

iHerb Brands Review

Currently, iHerb offers over a dozen brands with products for every need. Below is a list of brands with a brief description of each:

Top iHerb Brands

  • California Gold Nutrition is a reputable brand with over 25 years of presence on the market. The company specializes in the production of vitamins, quality supplements, superfoods, and probiotics.
iherb promocodes
  • Madre Labs is a brand that originally specialized only in superfoods. Now, though, the company expanded its product range and there are also self-care products, soaps, and shampoos.
promocodes iherb
  • Super Nutrition specializes in high-quality supplements that are formulated to meet different needs based on gender and age. Health products contain micronutrients in a bioavailable form.
iherb promocode
  • Sierra Fit makes supplements for people leading an active lifestyle. This is a well-known manufacturer of supplements that replenish electrolyte balance without extra calories.
iherb 2022 codes
  • Lake Avenue Nutrition is a company that produces a wide range of health products. Its products include biologically active supplements for beauty and youth along with complex vitamins, probiotics, and dietary supplements for the health of internal organs and systems.
iherb promo code 2022
  • Solumeve is a company that creates truly unique products for hair, skin, and nails care. The secret of this brand’s popularity is that it uses marine collagen in its supplements, which is almost fully absorbed when taken orally. Thus, it allows you to achieve the best possible result.
iherb promo
  • Charlie and Frank is a company that cares about the health of pets. The brand produces high-quality products for the care of four-legged friends.
iherb vitamins
  • Exploding Buds is a major brand that makes natural remedies infused with mushroom powder. Dietary supplements of this manufacturer help to improve the protective functions of the body and performance, strengthen memory and improve cognitive abilities.
iherb code promo
  • Vitables is a company that makes vitamins for children. Their products have a variety of different tastes, while chewy sweets completely fulfill the needs of growing bodies.
iherb buy

Additional iHerb Brands

  • Gummiology iHerb brand also produces tasty vitamins, but not for children. It focuses on adults. There are multivitamins for general health strengthening along with ones that focus on contributing to the restoration of certain organs and systems.
iherb referal code
  • Oslomega is a company that produces Norwegian fish oil rich in Omega-3s. Fatty acids and other components that make up the supplement composition stimulate the immune system and protect the joints and heart.
iherb omega
  • Ultamins is a line of multivitamins containing coenzyme Q10, as well as lycopene and lutein. The formulas are developed taking into account the needs of the human body.
vitamins iherb
  • GummYum! are famous children and adult vitamins available in the form of chewy gummies. The line has different options for heart health, immune system strengthening, better sleep, as well as improved performance.
iherb discount
  • ZOI Research is a line of dietary supplements for women’s and men’s health. Supplements are developed taking into account the specifics of the female and male bodies. They help to cope with PMS, promote well-being during menopause, support cognitive functions, and increase stress resistance.
iherb skin care
  • 1Kvit-C is a relatively new iHerb brand that has just started gaining popularity. The product range of this company includes sparkling drinks with the addition of vitamins and other useful substances for energy and a strong immune system.
iherb immune support
  • HealthyBiom are probiotics that contain a unique combination of strains of beneficial bacteria that normalize the intestinal microflora. Supplements contribute to digestion improvement and also take part in the formation of the body’s defense mechanisms.
iherb gluten free
  • Nature’s Gate is a manufacturer of high-quality organic hair care products. The product line includes only certified, completely natural products that contain biotin and combinations of other beneficial elements.
natures gate

Skin Care Brands

  • PrescriptSkin is a brand with a small line of facial skincare products. The range includes lotions, acid glycolic peels, tonics with collagen and vitamin A.
skin care iherb
  • Radiant Seoul is another popular face mask brand. Korean quality, a large assortment, and the ability to buy samples at an affordable price make the brand’s products especially attractive.
radiant seoul
  • Azelique is a legendary manufacturer of high-quality anti-aging skincare products. It releases anti-aging products that actually work.
  • Idealove are the famous patches from Korea that make the skin around the eyes perfectly smooth, remove dark circles, smooth out mimic wrinkles, and reduce puffiness.
  • Mild By Nature appeared relatively recently, but has already managed to gain popularity thanks to the high quality of its products. It produces shampoos, soaps, as well as facial, hair, and body care cosmetics.
hair care iherb
  • Sierra Bees is a well-known manufacturer of lip balms. The composition of the products by this brand includes organic components, namely honey and other bee products.
sierra bees
  • Sympli Beautiful is a company specializing in the production of skincare products. It uses multi-component formulas that include vitamins, squalene, plant stem cells, and hyaluronic acid.
iherb brand

Everyone can find something in the iHerb branded product lines that will meet their needs, help them feel better, and look perfect.

iHerb Coupons for Free Shipping

iHerb offers free shipping. Clients can take advantage of this opportunity if their order amount is 40 euros and more. If the buyer wants to receive free courier delivery, then the order amount must be at least 60 euros. For smaller orders, the buyer would need to pay for the shipping. The shipping cost does not change depending on the order size or the country. It is just $4. To receive free delivery, you do not need to enter an iHerb coupon. The service does not automatically include the shipping in the bill.

iherb Free Shipping

Referral iHerb Promo Code

In May, you can significantly save on purchases with iHerb. Regardless of which promocode is chosen, you can buy many products with huge discounts. If you use the referral promo code DMU6301, you can get a 5% discount. If you order goods from the store’s own brands, then the discount will be even greater – 10-15%.

1$ for rewiew

All customers can share their opinion about the goods they receive. Not only the other customers will appreciate it, but you will also earn $1 for your review. You can earn up to english $100 per month. If your review is useful to people, then you will receive an additional $0.1 for every thumbs up. This money can be spent to purchase goods.

May 2022 Brands of the Week

Another great offer from iHerb is the Brands of the Week promotion. Every week during the month of May, promotional offers for products of one brand will appear. Promotion updates will be published every Wednesday. It will be possible to purchase popular promotional products with a 10-20% discount. In some cases, new iHerb offers appear before the old ones expire. This allows you to combine promotional items from two weeks in one order.

brands of the week iherb

Periodically, huge sales are also held and you can sometimes save up to 50-60%. There is no need to look for a catch in such attractive price offers. A big discount does not mean that the product is inferior. In most cases, sales are done before getting new items in. For example, the manufacturer might want to update the packaging design or product composition.

Temporary iHerb Promotions

From time to time, the iHerb store holds promotions for regular customers. They are valid for a limited period, for example, a few days. To learn about such promotions in time, it is worth being on the lookout for company news. As a rule, short-term promotions can save you from 5% to 10%. To participate in such offers, you should subscribe to the newsletter as they will periodically contain a secret iHerb coupon for an additional discount.

All the Attractive May Offers

To make it easier to navigate through all the great offers at the iHerb online store, all the possible ways to save money are listed below:

  • Promo code DMU6301 for a 5% discount on the total amount
  • Promocodes issued individually for a discount on the first and subsequent orders
  • Weekly promotions
  • Discount prices on certain items
  • Discounts of the day on one specific product
  • Short-term promotions for regular active buyers
  • Combo discounts when participating in several promotions at once
  • Free shipping upon reaching a certain purchase amount.

To be the first to know about additional ways to save money, you should subscribe to the iHerb newsletter and check it out regularly.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the best promo code for iHerb?

The most profitable and universal code is DMU6301. It can be combined with other promo codes and coupons, such as a code for new customers.

Why do I need an iHerb coupon code?

A promotional code is needed in order to significantly save money when buying goods on the site. With the help of codes and coupons, the price of goods can be reduced by 30%.

How to get a discount on the iHerb website?

To get a discount, you need to enter a promotional code in a special line when placing an order on the iHerb website.

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