The Best Zinc Supplements on iHerb

In this article, you’ll learn what the best zinc on iHerb is, what processes it affects, and how to take it correctly.

Best Zinc iHerb

Zinc is a micronutrient that is involved in almost the entire functioning of the body. It is involved in a huge number of processes. Today, scientists are finding zinc nanoparticles even in the molecules of hormones and cells. Let’s take a look at the functions of zinc:

  • Supports thyroid health. Zinc regulates the activity of hormones in it. Its deficiency can provoke thyroid disease, which can cause hair loss. Zinc also affects the assimilation of proteins in the body, normalizes the sebum production and takes part in the formation of hair structure.
  • It fights acne. Since zinc is found in the human skin, zinc deficiency can cause poor wound healing.  Acne is treated with ointments with a low concentration of zinc.
  • Zinc stops the virus from spreading. Viruses multiply after they enter the body. The infection cells multiply, creating unhealthy copies of themselves. But if you take zinc at the beginning of the disease, this process will stop and the infection will not have time to spread. That’s why all doctors recommend zinc supplements for the flu and even for coronavirus.
  • Zinc is involved in the maturation of sperm and eggs.
  • Participates in the metabolism of vitamin E.
  • Helps in the synthesis of the pancreatic hormone insulin, as well as growth hormone and testosterone.
  • It affects a person’s vision. Zinc deficiency can lead to a reduction in visual acuity, as well as a deterioration of the eye fiber.

Symptoms of Zinc Deficiency

Zinc Deficiency

To determine if you have a deficiency of this trace element, you need to go to the lab and get tested. But you can notice it by such manifestations:

  • Poor wound healing
  • Loss of hair
  • Vision loss
  • Bad sleep
  • Nervousness
  • Depression
  • Gray skin tone
  • Hypogonadism and impotence in men

Naturally, these symptoms fit many diseases and if you identify yourself with some of them, you should not panic. It is necessary to check the level of zinc in the blood with a test. If it is low, then you will need to switch to a diet with a lot of it or hook up with zinc supplements.

Foods high in zinc


Seafood, especially oysters and mussels

  • Red meat
  • Milk
  • Chicken eggs
  • Bran
  • Sprouted wheat
  • Nuts
  • Sardines

A diet containing these foods will help cure mild zinc deficiencies, but for severe deficiencies, you need to take special supplements. Below I will discuss the best zinc supplements from iHerb that will quickly increase zinc levels without causing side effects.

Top 5 Zinc Supplements from iHerb

Thorne Research, Picolinate Zinc

zinc iherb

The Thorne Research brand produces very high quality supplements. They go through many tests and are considered some of the best on iHerb. It contains 30 mg of zinc picolinate. This form is related to organic picolinic acid, which is naturally produced in the body from the amino acid L-tryptophan. It is very well absorbed and also does not cause any side effects. After all, many people who at least once drank zinc supplements from a regular drugstore know how nauseating and painful the stomach can be when taking a vitamin in the wrong form, such as zinc oxide or zinc sulfate.

The price is $18 for 60 capsules. Don’t forget to use iherb coupon to lower the cost. Serving size is one capsule to be taken once a day with a meal. This zinc helped me perfectly with the coronavirus. I got over the disease in 3 days, although my acquaintances who did not drink zinc were sick for much longer.

NOW Foods, Zinc Glycinate

Zinc Glycinate

It contains 30 mg of zinc bisciglinate. Zinc in this form binds to two molecules of the amino acid glycine, creating a true amino acid chelate. The bioavailability of bisciglint is up to 58%, which is quite high, but slightly lower than that of picolinate. So don’t be afraid when it says 200% of your daily allowance on the package. If you can absorb at least half of it, that’s a good thing. But this form can cause nausea in people with low body weight. So if you don’t weigh much, I still recommend zinc picolinate.

The price of the drug is $10 for 120 capsules. Enter iherb code first order to get a big discount.

Country Life, Zinc Picolinate

best zinc

This is a great inexpensive zinc picolinate counterpart from Thorne Research. Buying a supplement from Country Life is much more profitable, as the price is $10 for 100 capsules with a dosage of 25 mg. The quality is also on par. I did not notice any difference – the same good absorption and no nausea after taking it. Believe me, picking a working drug that will not cause side effects is not an easy task.  Sometimes you have to deal with unsuccessful supplements.

Dr. Mercola, Zinc and Selenium

zinc Supplements

This supplement from Dr. Mercola contains 15 mg of zinc bisglycinate chelate, 200 mcg of selenium and 0.25 mg of copper. This combination is just perfect for daily thyroid support. Also, this product reduces hair loss and works well for the immune system. I recommend this complex for those who do not want to buy selenium and copper separately. Although it is believed that copper and zinc are antagonists, but more and more modern studies are proving the opposite. The price is $11 for 30 capsules.

Life Extension, Gastro-Ease

complex zinc

Gastro-Ease complex contains 75 mg of zinc L-carnosine PepZinGI®. This form not only does a good job of making up for its deficiency, but it also works to repair gastric mucous membranes. That is, some forms of zinc cause abdominal pain, but here the drug instead treats the mucous membranes. It also contains the bacteria Lactobacillus reuteri Pylopass. supports a healthy gastric flora. People who have taken Gastro-Ease twice a day for a month have noted a significant reduction in stomach pain. But you can also take it as a prophylactic. Every day the mucous membrane of the stomach is exposed to negative influences, so I take this drug course once a year, thereby replenishing the lack of zinc and additionally treating the stomach.

The price of the complex is $33 for 60 capsules. Take one capsule 2 times a day.

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